This server provides you access to your environment on mailing list server. Starting from this web page, you can perform subscription options, unsubscription, archives, list management and so on.

User instructions

Please make sure to read the following instructions carefully, and to keep them in mind when creating new mailing lists.

What service does listen.uni-bonn.de offer?

With the Uni-ID, you can log in onto the web-front end listen.uni-bonn.de, where you can subscribe to mailing lists or create new ones. Once a new mailing list is created, it has to be activated by the administration. After setting up a mailing list, please reach out to listenadmin@uni-bonn.de. Users who are not affiliated with the University of Bonn can also subscribe to mailing lists. A Uni-ID is only requested when setting up or managing a list.

How to name mailing lists

Your mailing list must refer to an organizational unit of the University of Bonn, so that even generic mailing list names can be allocated without difficulty.

For example, as a mailing list name “helpdesk” cannot be clearly allocated within the University of Bonn. The list “helpdesk” can be clearly allocated with the University of Bonn Computer Centre, if the mailing list is assigned to the category (area/subject) “University Computer Centre (HRZ)” and the acronym “hrz” is added. In doing so, the name of the mailing list “hrz-helpdesk” is clearly allocated.

When naming a mailing list, the name will be checked with this naming policy:

What types of mailing lists are recommended and supported?

Before you setup or apply for a mailing list, please keep the following aspects in mind:

• Who can subscribe to the mailing list (and therefore receive notifications)?
• Who can write to this mailing list?
• User with a Uni-ID (“privileged users”) can see and subscribe to public lists
• The owner of a mailing list can specify whether subscriptions require his or her approval or activation
• For a user without a Uni-ID, there are two ways to subscribe to a mailing list. The mailing list owner can either add him or her directly as a subscriber or the user can subscribe to a list (when activated) by sending an e-mail.
• E-mails within a mailing list can be anonymized (for subscribers NOT for the mailing list owner). You can adjust whether the e-mail address of the sender should be revealed or not. ATTENTION! Signatures and other contents of an e-mail will not be altered; merely the name of the sender will be replaced with the mailing list name!
• The subscriber list can also be anonymized. Should recipients of an e-mail within the list be able to look into the list of subscribers?
• Furthermore, you should decide on the visibility of your mailing list: You have the possibility to make your list name publicly visible, so that every user can apply for it. This setting is desirable for press mailing lists etc. There is also die possibility to limit the visibility of a list to “privileged users”, or even hide the list from all users. A hidden mailing list requires new subscribers to be invited by the list owner.

What responsibility does a mailing list owner assume?

As the owner of a mailing list, you are responsible for supervising the subscribers and e-mails of your mailing list.

Especially publicly accessible mailing lists that give writing permission to all subscribers, can bring about spam messages and viruses.

Since the mechanisms for spam- and virus protection provided by the HRZ are only limited, it is important to make sure that your mailing lists are not abused.

Unfortunately, the HRZ cannot provide you with further security measurements against legally inadmissible content (e.g. invoking crimes). The mailing list owner needs to control the content of his or her list. For this, you can apply your mailing list to a moderation team that will support you in moderating the contents of your list.

Logging In

Many functions in Sympa require you to identify yourself to the system by logging in, using the login form in the top right menu.